Has a loved one ever asked you these questions?

  • Why do you have to go every day?
  • How long are you going to be doing this?
  • Aren’t you just substituting one thing for another?
  • Why can’t you just stop?

Many family members do not understand the nature of addiction. Let us help family understand!

Spectrum offers a Family Education Forum to family and friends of individuals in recovery. The family education forum teaches family and friends about medication-assisted treatment, the signs and symptoms of an overdose, how to respond to an overdose and where to purchase the life-saving drug naloxone. The family education forum also offers family support and answers questions regarding addiction, treatment and available community resources.

  • No personal client information is shared at the Family Forum
  • Family can come alone or with clients
  • Gift cards issued to clients who refer a loved one


Family Education Forums are available at several locations:

  585 Lincoln Street
Worcester, MA
Friday, January 10th
at 9:30am
  105 Merrick Street
Worcester, MA
Friday, February 21st
at 10:00am
  50 Howe Avenue
Millbury, MA
Tuesday, March 3rd
at 5:30pm
  200 East Main Street
Milford, MA
Monday, April 20th
at 6:00pm
  176 Main Street
Southbridge, MA
Wednesday, May 6th
at 5:00pm
  40 Spruce Street
Leominster, MA
Saturday, June 13th
at 11:00am
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